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Welcome to the Order of the Apostles  


The Order of the Apostles commits themselves to the organization of citizens in times of conflict, defends Elanthians against invading forces, develops an exceptional information network, sets strong moral values and educates and trains members in an effort to actualize their true prowess based on their race and their profession of choice, through instruction taught by individuals specializing in those fields. We focus on training citizens skills they can use in hunting as well as for fighting and protecting Crossing. 


While the leadership of the Order is most often felt during times of war, peacetime assessments are constantly made in the name of finding areas of weakness in the defense of the Crossing.  


Furthermore, the Apostles provide invaluable intelligence and reconnaissance, enabling the citizens under its protection to make informed decisions and act in their own best interests.


Sponsorship Required: Yes

Minimum Circle Requirement to Join: None

Guilds Welcome: Most

Races Welcome: All

All About Us


The members in this subdivision of the Apostles are responsible for inter-provincial diplomatic and public relations, as well as the bulk of new member recruitment. Specific duties of the Wolfpack members may include recruitment eventing, interviews for new recruits, and attendance at ally organization events.